B&K’s Pet Grooming專業上門寵物美容服務

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✨Our selling points✨
✅ Each time,two groomers with one pet. Both groomers have been graduated from International Pet Therapy And Grooming Academy. 兩位寵物美容師(已在國際寵物治療美容學院畢業)同時為一隻寵物美容服務
✅We use the shortest time and the safest way to show the most satisfied results. 以最快時間和最安全方方達岀最滿意的效果
✅ We will take special care for those pets which are inconvenient in action, tempo or unique. 我們會對行動不便或特別有個性的寶貝提供特別照顧
✅ we have enriched experiences and proficient techniques. we are confident and adept in balancing the preferences of the owner, to consider carefully the figure and characteristics of the pet at the same time in order to design a sweet and lovely image for your pet. 我們有豐富經驗和純熟技巧。我們也善於平衡主人的要求,亦會細心考慮寵物本身的形態,而塑造出可愛的造型。

✨The benefits of home services上門美容的好處✨

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